Apemen (as named in the credits of Prehistorik Man for the SNES) are common enemies in the DOS game Prehistorik 2 and its remake on the SNES and GB, Prehistorik Man.

They also appear in I Wanna Be the Boshy as a common hazard in World 1.

How hazardous are they? Edit

It depends on which one it is. A total of three appear in World 1.

The first one gives chase, but stays in the area it's on. It takes some time for it to turn around, which must be used to the player's advantage.

The second just runs back and forth. This wouldn't be a problem if there weren't spikes above it. The player must walk into the area at the right time, get to the middle of the platform (which has no spike), and jump when the apeman runs back to the right. Then he/she must hurry to the left before the apeman runs into them.

The third is found to the right of the second. It guards the Mixer item. It throws bouncing Shellcreepers from Mario Bros. that the player must jump on to get to the mixer.

The first is also a hazard when the player is going back around from higher ground. It will jump and try to catch the player. He/she must jump at the right times, so the ceiling spikes don't kill him/her.

All variants will kill the player on contact.