Biollante Sprite

Biollante is a character from the 1989 Japanese film Godzilla Vs. Biollante. She is the result of a fusion with a female scientist, a rosebush, and some of Godzilla's DNA.

She also appears in I Wanna Be The Boshy as the main boss of World 4.


After entering a portal, the player will arrive in a destroyed city with fog and a red and black sky. After a few seconds of dead silence, an eerie roar will be heard, and Biollante will be seen slowly ascending from the bottom right side of the screen. She will stare at the player, roar again, and start attacking.

Methods of AttackEdit

At the start of the battle, the screen will shake for a second. 2 sharp-toothed tendrils will appear (one above the player and the other below) and swing back and forth. The most reliable way to dodge this attack is to stand on the bottom left block and single jump over the bottom tendril. Single jump over the tendril 5 times to successfully move to the next attack. She will fire a laser moving from the top left to the bottom left of the screen. To dodge the laser, either stay on the top left block or double jump on the top right block. The screen will turn upside down (with the controls staying the same) and Biollante will enter a defense state. Despite this, the player's bullets will still hurt her, but every time she is shot, she will fire a laser.

After a few seconds, the screen will go downside up again. Biollante will exit her defense state and pull the player toward her with an orb. This will last for 6 and a half seconds, then she will move onto her next attack. Some grey-colored fireballs will move vertically through the platforms in zig zag patterns. The fire balls on the left side of the screen will disappear, and 2 more will slowly travel toward you from the right side of the screen. As this happens, Biollante will charge at and try eating the player. She will charge at the player twice, then restart her attack pattern.

  • The theme that plays during the fight is "Sea of Lava" from Godzilla.
  • Her sprites are taken from Godzilla: Monster War for the SNES.
  • If the player gets killed by Biollante's charge attack, instead of the typical lol you died theme, Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom by Parry Gripp will play.
  • Immediately after skipping the intro cutscene, Biollante will lose two health points per hit instead of one. Unfortunately, this player advantage only lasts for two seconds.
  • This boss battle is one of only three areas in the game where the screen rotates, the other two being the second screen of World 2, and the eleventh screen of World 7.
  • She and Hello Kitty are the only female bosses.


I wanna be the Boshy 09 - Biollante

I wanna be the Boshy 09 - Biollante