The cursor is an important part of any computer. It is what makes it possible to navigate through anything, including the internet.

It can also interfere with your game of I Wanna Be the Boshy.

How hazardous is it? Edit

In IWBTB, it's very hazardous. If you leave it on the game window for too long, it will slowly move towards the player, killing him/her if it touches them. It is advised that the player keep the cursor off-screen as much as possible, unless it needs to be used for selecting a character.While the player can only be killed by the tip of the cursor, it is still annoying. 

If you play the game in Fullscreen mode, either:

1. Keep it on the Taskbar

2. Keep it on the top-bar of the screen

3. (Tested vigorously by PrinceCooshie101 on multiple laptops) keep it as far to the right of the screen as physically possible.