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What is this page about?Edit

All the possible ways you can die. 

How you can dieEdit

Pressing the Suicide button

Your cursor touching you

Killed by Save Point

Contact with Spikes

Shooting the Penguin in World 1

Tasmanian Devil running into you

Tasmanian Devil jumping into you

Ear-Rape Spider landing on top of you

Killed by the Bird that chases you

Killed by the Gandalf Spider

Killed by the guy who wants the Rupee

Shot by Hello Kitty

Lasered by Hello Kitty

Killed by mini Hello Kitty

Inhaled by Kirby

Killed by flying Spike

Killed by spiky Cloud

Zapped by Kracko

Hit by Kracko

Killed by Waddle Doo

Shit on by Kracko

KIlled by Star

Killed by Star Beam

Lasered by Waddle Doo

Run over by Kirby

Lasered by King DeDeDe

Killed by invisible block

Hadokened by Ryu

Kicked by Ryu

Crushed by car

Killed by Ryu's flying body

Killed by Gastly

Killed by Cheetahman

Killed by Cheetahman with gun

Killed by red ball that tries to hit you

Eaten by Pac-Man

Squashed by Mario

Run over by Mario

Killed by Lava

Killed by Fireball

Killed by Coin