Hello Kitty Sprite

Hello Kitty is a fictional character made by Japanese company Sanrio in 1974. Originally marketed to young girls, she has become popular with all ages.

She also appears as the main boss of World 1 in I Wanna Be The Boshy.


As the player walks into a jungle-like environment, the background will turn pink with a white heart on the right side of the screen, and the Hello Kitty TV theme will begin to play. A miniature Hello Kitty floating on a pair of balloons slowly ascends upward. She will stop, do a 360 spin, and start dancing. Exactly 16 other Hello Kitties of the same size with no balloons drop from the top of the screen and start to bounce around the Hello Kitty on the balloons. After a while, a voice (presumably Boshy's) will say "I hate Hello Kitty, fuckin' creeps me out", to which Hello Kitty gets angry, grows drastically in size, and starts to attack.

Methods of AttackEdit

The battle starts with Hello Kitty continuously floating up and down the screen while firing heart-shaped projectiles at the player. These can easily be dodged by jumping over them and changing ground levels. After firing eight hearts, she will follow the elevation level of the player and fire a laser at them. After that, she will go back to moving up and down the screen, but instead of firing hearts, she will continue firing lasers. These can be dodged by jumping up and down the platforms. After three more lasers, 8 Hello Kitties will bounce their way down from the top of the screen, scattering themselves all over the left side of the screen in hope they will touch and kill the player. When the Hello Kitties are almost gone, Hello Kitty herself will fire a wave of hearts. From then on, her attack pattern repeats.


  • The song that plays during the battle is Rose at Twilight by Nemesis Theory.
  • The song that plays after the battle is the victory theme from Final Fantasy III for the NES.
  • Her sprites are taken from Hello Kitty World for the NES.
  • The sprite of the heart projectile is taken from the heart container from The Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap for the GBA.
  • She and Kappa are the only bosses who don't use fire-based attacks.
  • She, King Dedede, and the Skeleton King are the only bosses who aren't hostile toward the player until after they do something to upset them. King Dedede attacks after the player incorrectly follows his commands, and the Skeleton King attacks after bringing a torch into his lair.
  • She and Biollante are the only female bosses.
  • During the introduction, it's possible for the bouncing Hello Kitties to get close enough for the player to touch. Here, they will not kill the player.


I wanna be the Boshy 02 - Hello Kitty

I wanna be the Boshy 02 - Hello Kitty