Kappa (originated from Josh, a former employee) is the most popular emoticon from, a website used for chatrooms and live video broadcasting. In JTV chatrooms, people use it for trolling, telling jokes, and expressing sarcasm.

It also appears as a secret boss character in I Wanna Be The Boshy. It is found in the secret area at the end of World 3.


After stepping on the "Speak" button, Kappa will appear in the chatroom to the left. The screen will shake violently and the world will be set on fire. As this happens, Kappa will appear on the right side of the screen, grow in size, and start attacking.

Methods of AttackEdit

The fight starts off with Kappa continuously moving up and down the screen and firing lasers at the player from his eyes. He will fire 4 pairs of lasers, then 16 more at twice the speed. After firing the lasers, he will descend to the bottom of the screen and stay there for a second before speeding to the left, which is only avoidable by double jumping. Then he will appear at the top of the screen and continuously move left and right, going back to firing lasers. He will fire 17 pairs of lasers at the same speed he fired 16. Then, he will stop firing lasers and a bunch of emoticons will drop from the top of the screen, which need to be dodged. After that, Kappa repeats his attack pattern.

He will become available as a playable character after being defeated, regardless of the difficulty played on.


  • The theme that plays during the fight is the Dr. Robotnik boss battle theme from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Genesis.
  • Even as an ordinary-sized emoticon in the chatroom, Kappa will kill the player if they touch him.
  • He and Hello Kitty are the only bosses who don't use fire-based attacks.
  • He, Sonic, Ganon, and Missingno are the only bosses who stop attacking after the player dies.
  • He and Solgryn are the only bosses who don't originate from video games.
  • He, Kracko, and the Cheetahmen are the only bosses who aren't accessible directly from the teleporter room.
  • The end result of the fight affects the texts in the chatroom. If the player loses, the texts will read "ROOOFL!!!", "OMG", "HE DIED?! LUL", "FAIIIL", and "HAHAHA". If they win, they will read "YEES", "OMG FINALLY!", "YEAAA!!!11!!!1", "YEEEEEESSSHHH!" and "KAZOOM".


I Wanna Be The Boshy -- Kappa (Secret Boss) IWBTB

I Wanna Be The Boshy -- Kappa (Secret Boss) IWBTB