King Dedede Sprite

King Dedede is a recurring character in the Kirby franchise. He is Kirby's rival and they often fight, but sometimes King Dedede helps Kirby.

He also appears in I Wanna Be the Boshy as the second midboss of World 2.

Methods of AttackEdit

Unlike all the other bosses, the player doesn't actually "fight" King Dedede. Instead, this section of the game uses "remember this or die" mechanics. He will give the player a random combination of any of 5 commands (left, right, down, jump, and attack). He'll start off with 3 commands, and will add another command every other round.

To complete this miniboss section, follow the commands in the specific order. If the player follows them correctly, he will open his mouth wide after a drum roll, and a speech bubble will pop up saying "RIGHT?!" If you follow them incorrectly, he will become giant after the drum roll (much like Hello Kitty), shout "WRONG!", and fire a laser half the height of the entire screen, making it unavoidable. Every time the player gets the commands right, they are meant to keep jumping and shooting at him when his mouth is open. Doing so will push him to the right. Keep doing this until he is knocked off the platform and onto the spike.

After this, Meta Knight will slash King Dedede in half with his sword, and will then be Hadoken'd by Ryu, who is the true boss for the world. 


  • There is a glitch involved in this battle where if the player wildly spams the moving, shooting, and jumping controls, they will suddenly die.
  • The player is meant to be killed by Dedede's laser after performing the wrong commands. However, the laser never actually touches the player. Instead, the player is killed approximately a fourth of a second before the laser has even been fired.
  • He, Hello Kitty, and the Skeleton King are the only bosses who aren't hostile toward the player until after they do something to upset them. Hello Kitty attacks after the player insults her, and the Skeleton King attacks after the player brings a torch into his lair.
  • King Dedede and the Cheetahmen are the only bosses with no visible health bars.
  • He, Kracko, and Kappa are the only bosses who appear in their own respective virtual worlds.
  • He, Ryu, and the Skeleton King are the only bosses who don't float.
  • While he's alive, going down onto the lower level and walking under the platform Dedede is standing on will kill the player, despite the only visible hazards being the spike on the far right side, which is inaccessible, and Dedede himself, who is unreachable.
    • As a response to this particular death, Dedede says "WHERE U GOING?"


Killing The Boses IWBTB Stung (Matt) vs King Dedede-0

Killing The Boses IWBTB Stung (Matt) vs King Dedede-0