The teleporter room is the main source of transportation to different locations in I Wanna Be The Boshy. It is full of broken teleporters which, once fixed (and therefore unlocked), will lead the player to the tutorial, all the main worlds, all the main bosses, one of the minibosses, and the prize room. As the player progresses through the game, they will unlock more teleporters. On the far right side of the area, there is also a passageway leading to the boss rush room, which is unlocked by completing the game.


  • The theme that plays in this area is an instrumental version of the Koopa Beach stage theme from Super Mario Kart for the SNES. It was composed by The OneUps, a band that does covers of video game themes.
  • While most of the teleporters are white and blue, there are 2 uniquely colored teleporters; the teleporter leading to the Solgryn boss fight, which is 2 shades of green, and the teleporter leading to the prize room, which is slightly tinted.
  • Regardless of the difficulty played on, there are always 8 save points here, unless the 6 save points in the boss rush room are counted, in which case there are 14.
  • There are no teleporters that lead to the secret worlds, the secret bosses, or the Kracko boss fight.
  • The "Miniboss 1" portal takes the player to King Dedede, which is inconsistent with the order in which the minibosses are encountered, as Kracko is the first miniboss while King Dedede is the second.